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    Hand foot and mouth disease- What is it?
    How do I know my child has got it?
    What can I do for my child?
    Full video on website- link in bio 👩‍⚕️ #virus #handfootmouthdisease #childhealth #kidshealth #helpkids…

    “I didn’t want to give my child medicine in case it masked their symptoms”
    Giving medicine such as paracetamol will help your child feel less pain or reduce their temperature
    It can help health professionals examine your child properly and find out exactly what is wrong

    Why are you waiting in the Emergency Department?

    Why might it look like someone’s pushing in front of you when you bring your child to hospital?
    It’s because we run on a ‘triage’ system which basically means children who are most sick or injured get seen first. Video on website

    Children definitely know best! Some important messages from the kids themselves.
    The measures are working, so take advice from the clever generation @helpkidsdoctor @RCPCHtweets

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