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    Christmas countdown...Santa might bring your kids toys that take button batteries, but don’t make the same mistakes as the elves- beware of their dangers if they’re swallowed! Check out the videos on the website and the ‘What do I do when...’ series

    Happy Bonfire Night! Keep your kids safe by teaching them about fire and sparkler safety...
    1) Always wear gloves when holding sparklers
    2) Never approach lit fireworks even if they haven’t fired
    3) Have a bucket of water handy Check out the Burns video

    Got questions about your Child’s Health?
    Need some guidance but not sure what information you can trust?

    Excited to finally launch the new website

    Trusted expert guidance for families from a Children’s Doctor 👩‍⚕️

    Check out the videos

    Child swallowed a button battery?
    You need to get down to the Emergency department right away...injuries from button batteries can be fatal and can be avoided by fast removal (or not swallowing them in the first place!)
    #keepsmallobjectsoutofreachofchildren #helpkids #safety

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